Building Our Future

O’GONNELLOE – BUILDING OUR FUTURE is our exciting development plan which is focused on deepening our GAA club’s role at the heart and in service of our community. The plan is anchored by a key piece of infrastructure – an all-weather 40mx20m indoor centre that we are now embarking on developing.

This will be an essential facility for underpinning the future of hurling and camogie in our community, but its uses will go way beyond that as it becomes a centre, too, for a wide range of healthy activity options and activities across the parish, from pre-school children to our older citizens. Critically, it will also double as a PE facility for our local National School, becoming the first such indoor facility of this scale available to any national school in our county. This will give our young students the best possible start as, regardless of the weather or time of year, they will be able to engage in year-round exercise that will be hugely beneficial for their physical and mental wellbeing in these key development years.

With planning permission in place, we are now setting out on a fundraising programme that will draw on a range of sources, from formal grant
funding – particularly the Sports Capital Programme - to local support.

We have developed a specific local funding programme, of which there are three contribution levels, and we look forward to discussing these options with you and how you would be acknowledged for your contribution. There will be different rewards for each level but everyone that contributes to this programme will, as part of the wider acknowledgement, have their names inscribed on our ‘Founding Stone’.

This very stone was dug out during the original excavation works for our grounds back in 1982. It was located at the entrance until 2007 and it currently sits at the southern end of the pitch. It will be relocated to the concourse adjacent to our new centre, proudly bearing the names for ever and a day of the
very people that made this investment in the future of our club and community possible.

We look forward to discussing this project and funding programme with you
in person and will arrange a time convenient to you to do so. In the meantime,
please see our video adjacent for a greater insight into this development and
what it will mean for club and community.